Many things must be done to introduce us to the audience crowded Blog or the virtual world. Like the election campaigns, or election, do not get out of the Campaign. So did the blogger in introducing her to the World Blog. There it is introduced through the oral, by bercerta to friends of his, and hoped his friend was told again to his other friends. There is a direct URL to send him to the status of his Face book friend, and hoped his friend was “Singing” to his other friends.

In addition to the above, there is one step the most qualified, who can introduce our Blog indirectly to the general public. Probably no more that do not recognize “shaman” the most powerful virtual world, which can look for “Goat” is missing, just by typing the initials nana “goat” is. Yes … Mbah GOOGLE.

 Each of us admit to kanuraganan google it, the famous get to the canyon Sianok. Nothing is out of his analysis if we are searching for something we want.

Well … To be included in our Blog Search index of Google Search Engine, so we must register our blog into the Google search engine. If someone who currently has an interest in doing a search through Google Search Engine, so if things are in search of He Blog We are located inside, so by Mbah Google will appear in the index the search results.

Okay, So that blog that we make on the list of Google Search Engine, here’s how:
1. Open or msuk was to address: or click
Place Sign on to Google Search Engine

2.Enter your blog address to the URL field. His example
3.Fill of the column comments that describe your blog
4.And Then enter ferifikasi displayed Lode
5.So press Add URL.

Now by google, the blog you’ve entered in the Register of Search Option (DPO), such as fugitive …………


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