Paypal is a service provider site that helps individual, organization or corporation in conducting transactions online. If we’re going to make transactions online, whether it be purchasing the product, payment, or transper money online, we can use a credit card. “I do not have!” someone said, “I’m also the same.” Means we can not perform online transactions dong …? 

Gak also ….. Sekaranga already have paypal, that site that manages your transaction. You just register your e-mail address to your paypal, and you are free to transact ria. 

“But gan, verification also must use a credit card.” 

Not necessarily. For those who want to have Paypal, you can verify your paypal with a local bank account in Indonesia. 

     Now follow the steps below: 

1. <span style="background-color: white;" title="Daftarkan diri anda DISINI“>Register yourself HERE  

2. Click List 

<span style="background-color: white;" title="


3. Select type of Paypal account that you want 

<span style="background-color: white;" title="


4. Fill out all your data. <span style="background-color: white;" title="Ingat….Karena Verifikasinya akan menggunakan Rekening bank anda, maka Anda harus mengisi data-data anda sesuai dengan nama anda di Rekening Bank Anda.”> Remember …. For verification will be using your bank account, then you must fill your data in accordance with your name on your Bank Account. 

<span style="background-color: white;" title="


On the registration form, there is the phrase “Connect my credit card, so I can immediately start shopping (recommended)” as it circled in red. If you have a credit card, you should check that sentence. But if you do not have a credit card, do not be checked sentence. 

<span title="“>


5. Once all the data you fill out completely, click “AGREE AND CREATE AN ACCOUNT” 

6. After you successfully register, you are now already in your paypal account page. The next task is to Confirm your e-mail address. Instruction is on the top line in the image circled in red. 

<span title="


Note: There should be three menus in the red circle. But because the image is in the capture after his paypal e-mail address is confirmed, then the two left menu. Click on the menu at the top. 

7. Now you check your email inbox, there will be no e-mail confirmation coming from paypal. You enter the confirmation numbers to the confirmation instruction at number 6 earlier. 

This is an example email confirmation. 

<span title="


8. Once your paypal e-mail confirmation too, the next step is to add your account. On the page “My Account” in paypal, your Mouse Scroll to Profile, it will display a sub menu as shown circled in red. 

<span title="


There is a sub menu with the title “Add / Edit Bank Account” Click on the sub menu. Will appear as the following form: 

<span title="


Fill Your Bank name correctly, your account number, your name is in accordance with your name on your bank account book. 

Fill in your bank code in the field circled in red. If you do not know your Bank Code, Just click “Do It”. there would appear List of Bank codes that exist in Indonesia. When finished, click ‘CONTINUE’ 

9. In the span of 2-3 days, usually hand or mentransper Paypal will send a small amount of money into our bank account, (as much as two times) as a requirement to verify our paypal. Well … Check your account to a bank. 

10. Log back into your paypal account, and verify your paypal by entering values in the paypal transper earlier. 

In this stage, I have not done it, but after I accept paypal transper of the party, I will update this article again.


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