All the bloggers want traffic blogs that are very satisfying. And a lot of ways to increase traffic. In this article, I will discuss how to increase traffic by registering your own blog to a site that does his job menrekomendasikan six new blogs to its members. It is Traffic Fweb the six links, which has recommended 6 blogs link to each new member will register.
Here’s how.
1. Go to HERE or click this banner:


2. There Will Be a display like the image below:

3. There is 6 units from the Site Link and who have signed up earlier, like in the picture that I check. Open Link in New Tab one by one, there will be a link code, the code must be entered into the column that has been provided in accordance with the order as shown by the arrow in the figure below:

Example Code in the picture below (the circled red color)

4. After all the code is loaded, so now you fill in the data you needed and the URL of your Blog or Site, which will be promoted to other people who become referall you and Click submid

5. Now you’re just waiting for the e-mail reply from Fweb Traffic, and follow the link in the e-mail address (go to the member’s area), then log in with a code and password is provided by Fweb Referral.
6. Once you have logged in, then you will get refferall address, which will also promote you to others or you display on your blog.
good luck ….

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