If you have a blog or site, of course you must have a place to store your site files will be downloaded to your blog visitors. If your site’s domain has to provide them itself, not a problem. But for those of you-you who have conventional blogs (WordPress, Blogspot, etc.) of course you must have a file hosting site, so you can put your files that you share to the follower or visitors to your blog.
Many actual sites that provide free hosting files, the terms and conditions were also different.
I own choosing file hosting at Ziddu .

Conditions of registration is not complicated and very simple. Click register, fill out the form provided, wrong.
Ease back, our account is not restricted to a quota like the sites hosting other files, which only provides 100Mb, 250MB and blah .. blah .. blah.
In Ziddu there is no term quotas, while the Internet connection you are able, continue aja Upload your files to your account at will you.

And the most seductive again in Ziddu , you will be paid by the party Ziddu if the file you downloaded by others.
In addition we can put our files, we also get paid if the file we downloaded to others. Yummy …….
Means that we live search tricks, how do we look for people to file. That is we have to upload the files again hot or files that are sought after people.

The method of payment specified Ziddu is through paypall or Money bookers. Ziddu will pay you if your balance has reached the amount of 10 dollars.
Not bad ….? Leave files on the site, but we get paid if the file we downloaded. Wait no more. Sign HERE


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